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Give Warren a BS Degree in Vote Buying

Presidential contender Elizabeth Warren’s strategy is to win the Democratic nomination by promising the most free stuff. Monday she upped the ante. She’s offering a whopping $50,000 student loan forgiveness for nearly everyone who borrowed for college or graduate school. That’s old-fashioned, Tammany Hall-style bribery — handing out dollars to buy votes. Warren’s proposal is […]

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America Is Losing the Global War on Terrorism

Two hundred ninety Christians in Sri Lanka were slaughtered with an additional 500 being wounded while peacefully celebrating the resurrection of their Lord and Savior on Easter Sunday. Since neither former President Barack Obama nor former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seem able (or willing) to articulate the cause of their deaths, let me state […]

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Dems clash with Trump officials on subpoenas, tax returns…

WASHINGTON (AP) — The struggle between House Democrats and the Trump administration over investigations intensified Tuesday as a former White House official defied a subpoena and the Treasury Department ignored a deadline for providing President Donald Trump’s tax returns. Rep. Elijah Cummings, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said the White House has adopted […]

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