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A Good Divorce Can Beat a Bad Marriage

If the liberal consensus was correct about nationalism, world order, and Europe, Czechs and Slovaks would today be preparing for war. Instead, they are — quite literally — celebrating the 25th anniversary of their “Velvet Divorce,” which created two new nations among two peoples who did not get along for decades. More than just another example […]

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Does Midterm History Really Augur Big GOP Losses?

The Democrats and the media tell us that midterm history portends large Republican losses in November. This factoid is firmly imbedded in the Beltway belief system and in the algorithms used by most political analysts, who predict that the Democrats will capture the House and perhaps the Senate as well. Forbes echoes the conventional wisdom: “Historically, […]

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19 DAYS…

FULLERTON, Calif. (AP) — Pushy midday shoppers nose their carts through the Korean market, stocking up on bottled kimchi and seaweed spring rolls. A few doors away, customers grab pho to go at a Vietnamese takeout counter. Across the street, lunchtime diners line up for tacos “al pastor” — spit-roasted pork — at a Mexican-style […]

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Don McGahn departs as White House counsel

Don McGahn’s last day as White House counsel was Wednesday, a senior White House official confirmed to CBS News. McGahn had overseen the judicial selection process for Brett Kavanaugh as well as dozens of federal judges.  President Trump had tweeted in August that McGahn would leave after Kavanaugh had been confirmed. Mr. Trump appointed McGahn to the […]

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Secret Service responds to CBS reporter being prevented from questioning Jared Kushner

The Secret Service said Wednesday that they “in no way intended to impede those rights or the media’s access to a Secret Service protectee” when they prevented CBS News correspondent Errol Barnett from asking Jared Kushner questions. Barnett was attempting to question Kushner, a special adviser to President Trump, on a plane about the disappearance […]

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