Google drops 'don't be evil' motto

“Don’t be evil.” The three words that have been part of Google’s motto for the last 17 years also encapsulate how much of Silicon Valley sees itself—doing what is right and just, but a bit edgier than previous stodgy titans of capitalism. However, the ubiquitous search engine has now removed “Don’t be evil” from its official […]

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Businesses scramble to comply with EU data law

LONDON—Lisa Meyer’s hair salon is a cozy place where her mother serves homemade macaroons, children climb on chairs and customers chat above the whirr of hairdryers. Most of the time Meyer is focused on hairstyles, color trends and keeping up with appointments. But now she’s worried about how the European Union’s new data protection law […]

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Rocket launches 3 tons of cargo toward space station

An Orbital ATK Antares rocket thundered to life and shot away from the Virginia coast early Monday, boosting a Cygnus cargo ship into orbit loaded with more than 3 tons of crew supplies, science gear, spare parts and three small satellites bound for the International Space Station. The experiments on board the Cygnus for the 200th space […]

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Adapt or die: Can evolution outrun climate change?

Across the planet, animal and plant species are on the run. A rapidly changing climate is shifting when and where plants blossom, and forcing creatures big and small to migrate and learn new tactics for survival. It’s a trend that’s likely to accelerate as scientists expect to see more extreme weather events — intensifying storms […]

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